This past Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day.  My oldest son, my husband, and I spent the day cleaning up our backyard.  I'm trying to get the spaces cleared so that all will be ready when the time is right to get planting.  I started a lot of herbs inside, so that they will be good to transplant after the threat of frost is over.  I'm just hoping that my wonderful chihuahuas don't dig up my garden!!!  Along with my herbs, I'm planning on planting a variety of vegetables to go along with the massive amount of flowers I have already in my yard.  I'm so looking forward to digging my hands into the dirt this Spring!!!  I'll probably overdo it with the number of herbs and veggies I grow, so I'll be posting on here to share the wealth!!

Is there anything in particular that you love to grow in your magick garden? 
So, I'm talking to my husband on the phone today while he is at work and he tells me that he is tired of it snowing and he wishes someone would tell Mother Nature that it's not supposed to be snowing here in Virginia.  Then he says "Hey you can do a Wiccan Ritual to make the snow go away."  Hmmm...sure i could ask the Goddess to rid us of these snowy days and bring on the Spring, but I won't.  Although, I would like to have some warmer weather, I've learned that Nature has it's own rythym.  So, I decided that instead of wishing this winter weather away, I would look into the best ways to celebrate and appreciate these snowy days.  How can magick be best used during this time of the year? 

Winter symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun God.  This time of year, after Imbolc, symbolizes the time of the Goddess' recovery from the birth of the God.  I take this snowy weather as an opportunity to continue to recover from the holiday season.  A time to regroup and start anew.  A time to make plans for the coming Spring celebration of Ostara.  This is a great time if you are going to grow your own magickal garden, to plant those seeds indoors and nuture them until the earth is warmed by the increased presence of the God. 

I suppose my point is not to rush Nature.  She does all things in her own time.  So sit back and relax, enjoy these snowy days when you have a good excuse to curl up with a good book or spend quality time with your family.
This Friday is the new moon.  Under the new moon, you can perform spells and magick to start anew.  Whether you are starting a new job, new classes, or a new you; the new moon is the best time to align the energies in your direction for the best chance of success in your new venture.  New moon magick is great for personal growth, healing and blessings; as well as a great time to cleanse and consecrate ritual items.
Well, it's the first day working on the website and my first ever blog!!  I'm super excited to attempt to bring all of this information to the magickal community on the Peninsula.  I've always practiced as a solitary witch, so opening myself up to the masses is both terrifying and exciting.  I hope that we can all come to share our knowledge and help each other on our journeys!!  Blessed Be!!